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  MicroTelecom Cellular POS Software System Features  

cellular pos software free trial Micro Telecom Cellular Phone Point of Sale Software for Wireless Retail Include several integrated modules: POS Software for Cellular Retail include Returns, Exchange, Lay a way, CRM, Store Credit and Credit Card Processing.
Inventory Control Module with Remote Inventory Tracking include Serialized inventory with full IMEI and SIM tracking, automated P/O entry and four category levels to enable sorting and grouping on multiple levels and selling any type of item using the system.
Micro Telecom Wholesale Module include Advanced order entry and order approval system with returns, RMA, quotes, back-orders, store transfers.
Accounting Module include General Ledger, comprehensive reconcile and payment  center, expenses tracking, partial payment tracking, check printing and dozens of reports. Activation system integrated with the Carrier website enable downloading completed contracts at any time directly from T-Mobile, Cingular POS, Nextel-Sprint and Verizon.
Micro Telecom state of the art commission tracking system had been designed for Master Agents so it will manage any size of cellular business, it include Remote Contract Entry and Commission Tracking for sub dealers, discrepancies reports, deposit reports, real time estimated commission reports and more. MicroTelecom automated spiff calculation is based on several formulas to handle even the most complicated carrier promotion system.

MicroTelecom features include:

Inventory Control and Product Management:
  • True Real-Time Remote Inventory Tracking
  • Data entry validation
  • Reorder level by Store per Item
  • Pricing can be adjusted per store or globally
  • New items description can be pushed to all stores.
  • Serialized and standard inventory tracking
  • Import inventory from regular barcode scanner, wireless scanner, Data collector, text files and Excel.
  • Seamless inventory import from vendors who use MicroTelecom
  • Inventory store transfer utility
  • Inventory return to vendor utility
  • Advanced RMA tracking utility
  • Inventory utility to match with actual inventory.
  • Unique purchase order system eliminating double data entry
  • Barcode label printing
  • 4 levels advanced category system enable sorting and reporting a breeze.
  • Inventory export to excel.
  • Item Search by barcode, description or category
  • Quick search for specific item between all stores.
Account Management:
  • Multi Level Account Payable & Account Receivable
  • Batch Reconcile Mode 
  • Expenses Accounts
  • Multiple Partial Payments
  • Funds Transfers
  • Checks Printing
  • Easy Drill Down to Invoice and Commission Reports 

Point of Sale (POS):

  • Accept Cash, Credit & Debit Cards, Checks and e-Checks*
  • Process Refund and Exchange
  • Support multiple withdrawals and daily cash register z-out.
  • Support multiple registers per stores.
  • Support multiple computers sharing one register/printer per store.
  • Remote Access to Cash Registers.
  • Support touch screen and shortcut keys for fast checkout.
  • Advanced Lay a way tracking system
  • POS allow system administrator unrestricted access to transactions.
  • Optional: POS integration with customer contract can enforce a minimum sale price based on item cost, commission, spiff and required minimum profit margin.
  • Optional: Process Credit Cards without a credit card terminal
Activations and Carrier Commission Tracking:
  • Activation and Commission Tracking in real time
  • Contract search by Mobile, Customer Name, SSN, IMEI, SIMM, Act Date, Deactivation Date, Entry Date, Employee, Plan Type, Store, Rebate, Discrepancy, Submitted, Contract Terms, Deposit, Custom Flags and More.
  • Include batch search for comparison with existing excel file.
  • Commission batch processing screens
  • Advanced spiff calculation screen on custom formulas
  • Discrepancies research utilities
  • Import commission records from Excel.
  • Plan Entry, can be downloaded from MicroTelecom Servers or Manually Entered.
  • Rebate Reports
  • Deposit Reports
  • Expected commission reports in real time
  • Employee Commission Reports
  • Sales Reps Commission reports for Master Agents

Web Data Entry Integration (for fast data entry):

  • Contracts can be downloaded immediately after activation on the carrier web site or by the end of the month. Interface support downloading contract with a click of a button from Verizon, Cingular POS, T-Mobile Watson and Nextel.
  • White Pages Interface to retrieve customer information on POS.

Employee Management and Security:

  • Employee Security Manager - enable restriction of screens and reports access to each employees per location.
  • Allow creating custom employee roles, to allow adding or modifying employee access with a click of a button.
  • Remote control which physical computer can be connected to your network. Enable granting or denying specific PC's access to a specific store.
  • Complete employee action log, enable real time report of all employee actions, including workstation, profile, employee name, date and time.
  • Password Required validation for every security sensitive task.
  • Include Employee Time Clock tool and reports for employee hours and salary calculation.

MicroTelecom POS Database Hosting Service Include:

  • Free upgrades
  • Full Data Maintenance
  • Daily Back Ups
  • Unlimited Customer Service and Support
  • Unlimited Number of Users And Computer Licenses

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