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MicroTelecom Enterprise Edition
    MicroTelecom Enterprise Edition provides real time centralized ERP system for Cellular Master Agents and Cellular retail stores. In addition, MicroTelecom Enterprise Edition include all the great features of MicroTelecom Wholesale Pro and the POS Retail Management system for Cellular, CRM, ESN and SIM tracking, cellular tracking, Carrier activation, Commission tracking, serialized inventory, employee management and accounting for cellular stores.
    MicroTelecom POS Enterprise Edition has been in useby Master Agents of T-Mobile, Cingular, Nextel and Sprint for several years,processing millions of Transactions, Orders, Store Transfers, and commissionstatements for thousands of sub dealers nationwide. MicroTelecom packageinclude all the software necessary to manage your entire organization, May itbe a single store, multiple stores or on a Master Agent level.

    MicroTelecom Enterprise Edition Include MicroTelecom PRO and the following extra features:

    • You can control and manage the entire operation from a single location
    • Multi Location POS Reports, and Group reports from a Main Location
    • Store Transfers insert items automatically to store inventory
    • Each Store has its own serialized inventory and Accounting Capabilities.
    • Each store has its own expense, bank and other accounts.
    • Centralized Accounting for entire organization
    • Built-in Internal Messenger to communicate between stores/warehouse employees
    • Centralized Employee Management
    • Secure Web Browsing

    • Commission Processing and Related Reports (Enterprise Edition)
    • Wholesale and Related Reports (Enterprise Edition)

      If you have more then one location you already know you must have a software to manage everything since you can only be in one place at a time. Please Call for information on Enterprise Edition.

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