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MicroTelecom announced a new update for its popular Cellular Management and POS Software

MicroTelecom 2007 Version 3.7 R2 3/01/2007

  • New Interface: New desktops created for POS, Back Office, Warehouse, Accounting, Commission and Sales team.
  • Inventory Management: Multiple barcodes for accessories, suggested items list, multiple retail price by plans, option to include the tax with item price. Track deleted items, returned, and damaged items separately in inventory. New option was added to simplify accessories stock verification. The Inventory Master Batch report will indicate the user input method (S - Scan, T - Typed, P - Copy/Paste)

  • Export to PDF and Email options added to Invoices and reports.

  • Returned Items Procedure: New screen was introduced to streamline consumer returns by automatically handling the customer contract and marking the returned device "As New", used or damaged item.

  • Activation Wizard: an easy to use 7 step activation wizard was add to guide and lock the POS operator in a predefined device activation procedure, reducing human error and maximizing profitability. Retail prices per plan must be set to each device prior to using this feature.

  • Control Inventory Transfer between stores: A new option was added to the store management screen to setup the appropriate transfer procedure per store. To transfer inventory to a store automatically mark the store "Stores Auto Transfer"; If you would like the receiving store to confirm the delivery by downloading the invoice, selected "Stores" (Default)

  • Wholesale Returns: an option has been added in the invoice file menu to return a complete order that was returned to the warehouse.

  • Wholesale Orders: Sales people can now only add to orders items that are available in inventory and are not preordered; new option to search orders by items was added for sales people.

  • Daily Zout: an option for automated bank deposit was added to the zout procedure.

  • Payment Error: If a transaction was interrupted in the middle by a computer failure the sales person is forced to complete or canceled that transaction once he login back to the system before any other sales can be processed.

  • New Accounting Mode: a new accounting mode has been add to the A/R screen, which enables viewing and accepting payments for transactions by date rather then by account, simplifying the task of locating and clearing open invoices.

  • New Shortcuts in A/R Screen: an option was added to open purchase orders and commission statements directly from A/R screen. New email function added to email an account statement and balance sheets.

  • New price adjustment utility: Enable increasing or decreasing prices of multiple items in a batch with one click in one or multiple stores.

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