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MicroTelecom® Software
  • Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7 Compatible
  • POS for Cellular Stores
  • Warehouse Management
  • Multiple Wholesale Price Tiers
  • Multiple Retail Price Tiers
  • Real Time Cellular Activation Tracking
  • Serialized/Non Serialized Inventory Control
  • Cellular, IMEI and SIM Tracking
  • Track Sales, Layaways, Credit and Returns.
  • Barcode Scanning & Printing
  • Complete Accounting
  • Commission Reconciliation
  • Multiple Commission and Spiff Tiers
  • Inventory, Sales, Activation, Profit/Loss and Z-Out Reports
  • Manage unlimited number of Wireless Retail Stores remotely.
  • Every Cellular Store has its own serialized inventory
  • Complete Employee access Control
  • Export Retports to Excel,HTML, PDF or Email
  • Secure Web Browsing
  • Built-in Internal Messenger
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MicroTelecom® Warehouse Management and Cellular POS Software

MicroTelecom offers comprehensive software management solutions for Wireless Retail, Wholesale and cellular Master Agents.

The store front Cellular POS integrates with all major wireless carriers activation platforms to simplify the activation process and minimize human error. The back office includes modules for Master Agents and warehouse management, effectively monitoring and automating all the business processes including purchases, back orders, inventory, sales and returns, accounting, CRM, activation tracking, commission processing, employee management and more.

MicroTelecom is the only software that is designed for Retail and Wholesale Cellular distributors. Our systems had been in use by the top Cellular Master Agents in the country, in the most demanding markets of New York, California and Florida for more then 5 years. The software is designed to be the ONLY management software you need for your business, enable you freedom to concentrate on your customers rather than managing your employees.

MicroTelecom System will manage any size of business, yet it easy to use, forms and reports are intuitive and self explanatory, so within minutes you could manage and control unlimited number of stores or sub dealers remotely in real-time. Our innovative team was the first to integrated online Carrier Activation with the Cellular point of sale software, enabling downloading completed contracts from all major Carrier website like Cingular POS, T-Mobile, Sprint/Nextel and Verizon. MicroTelecom include employee commission, sales profit reports, commission tracking, store transfers, expenses, accounting and all other activities of your Cellular store can be managed, control and tracked in real time from anywhere using more then 100 reports, screens, graphs and search utilities.

MicroTelecom management software for cellular is the most secure and flexible System in the industry, giving you complete control on Who is accessing the system, What screens, reports or actions they are able to perform, Where the software can be used, and When it can be used. Furthermore we have added a security module to completely control the employee internet access, using an easy wizard you can control remotely which websites can be accessed on the stores Point of Sale.

Sign Up for a Free Trial of MicroTelecom 2007 and find for yourself why MicroTelecom Cellular Management Software is the No #1 choice of so many cellular companies.

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