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  Add Credit Card Processing to MicroTelecom  

Credit Card Processing:

Register for MicroTelecom Credit Card Processing Service

Authorizations are up to 3 times faster then regular credit card terminal! With MicroTelecom Credit Card processing options, authorizations occur in less than 4 seconds. Employees need to be trained only in MicroTelecom to complete credit card transaction. Any computer in your store can now process credit cards.

The integrated processing eliminates errors by processing the exact amount directly from the POS system, preventing entry of a wrong amount and a receipt printout until the transaction is completed.
Apply today and say goodbye to the separate credit card terminal and printer!

Register For MicroTelecom CC Processing: $49.99   
Magnetic Stripe Reader:

Mini USB Magnetic Stripe Reader

MiniMag USB Magnetic Stripe Reader (Track 1 & 2, with USB Interface & Cable) Color: Black / Beige

IDT3331-12U   $84.99   

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