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Advanced Retail POS System

MT-POS Cloud solution provide scalable, and secured system you can count on. You can add 1 store or 500 stores, the system scale automatically and adjust its resources as needed.

  • Point of Sale that works on all browsers
  • Android and iPad POS Systems
  • Enterprise Security with End to End Encryption
  • PCI and GDPR Compliant POS System
  • You are in full control of who can connect to the POS system and from which device

Cloud POS for Remote Office

Remote Management with Cloud POS

With MT-POS Cloud Point of Sale System, you can connect from anywhere using any device you approved.

  • MT-POS enable processing transaction while on the road with integrated Mobile Payment Terminal
  • With Enterprise security, there are multiple security layers protecting your system to allow access only for personal and devices you approved.
  • Perform all activities remotely, including access reports, manage Catalog, and reorder inventory
  • Stay connected with all your stores, by receiving alerts when you need to take actions such as reordering inventory, you don't have to constantly connect to the stores and check its reports. If something is out of the ordinary the system will let you know.
  • In Case your primary Internet connection is interrupted in your location, or if there is a power outage, you can still use designated iPad POS stations to process transactions. To enable this setup, the iPad in such stations should include a SIM card for backup connectivity, and use the Integrated Mobile Payment Terminal (this terminal includes SIM card and battery).
MicroTelecom Cloud EPOS Solution

Self-Checkout Kiosk

Micro Telelcom POS System includes a fast self Checkout Kiosk, keeping Customers, Employees and Management happy.

  • Your team can use iPad, Android Tablet or PC, in Store or on the go.
  • Accept all payment types, including credit/debit cards, mobile and contact-less payments.
  • Offer additional services based on product configurations (Warranty, Contracts, etc)
  • Offer Bundles and Promotions based on product selection and related products.
Business Management

Mobile POS with Integrated Terminals

MT-POS Cloud Software provide a complete payment solution and is integrated with card payment terminals to provide fast checkout at a very competitive rates.

  • Accept credit, debit via secured EMV or swipe transaction
  • Accept contact-less mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Process payments for in-store transaction or while on the road
  • PCI complaint POS system with End to End Encryption
MicroTelecom Inventory Management

Retail Stores Inventory Management

MT-POS Cloud System will assist you to manage your Store Inventory and alert you when you need to take action.

  • Replenishment using min/max reordering levels to avoid out of stock items
  • Manage Inventory Transfers between stores and warehouses
  • Handle customer reservation, returns and exchange
  • Support Serialized Inventory, physical and digital goods and services
  • Manage Stock with inventory cycle count and auditing
  • Device Management for Telecom Stores
EPOS Cash Register Management

Retail Store Register Management

    Manage Cash Registers, Safe, Bank Deposit and Change Orders.
  • Manage Register Open, Lock, Close, Count, Pickup, Deposit and Adjustments.
  • Accept cash in any currency you choose
  • Offer customer Store Credit, Rebates and Gift Cards
  • Enable many other payment methods, such as Wire, PayPal, Stripe, Checks and more.
  • Control which register can process each payment method
  • Control what Refund Method can be used for each original payment method
MicroTelecom Products and Solutions

Catalog Management

MT-POS has a built-in Intuitive Catalog Manager, enabling management of Physical and Digital Goods and Services, Categories, Promotions, Features, Taxes, Serialized and Non-Serialized products. Setup and manage featured items list and offer promotions based on multiple parameters.

  • Manage Physical Goods
  • Manage Digital Goods
  • Serial & Non-Serial Products
  • Service Plans
  • Catalog Publishing
  • Product Features
  • Custom Labels
  • Custom Attributes
  • Advanced Promotions
  • Best Selling
  • Featured Products List
  • Related Items
  • Custom Taxes by Category
  • Discount approval by Category

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